Your key to securely access Siemens applications and services with one digital identity

What is Siemens ID?

Siemens ID enables secure access of Siemens employees, customers and partners to different Siemens application and services. With Siemens ID, you can use one digital identity to access different/most services provided to Siemens.


Who can help me if I have issues using my Siemens ID account?

Please contact the support/help desk of the Siemens application you are trying to login with your Siemens ID account.


What do I need to do to sign-up (self-register) for a new digital identity in Siemens ID?

A working email address is required for the creation of a new digital identity in Siemens ID. You must also provide your family name, your given name and a password which complies with the Siemens ID password policy. Your new digital identity in Siemens ID will only be activated after you validated your email by clicking on the link in the confirmation email we send you.


Where can sign-up (self-register) for a new digital identity in Siemens ID?

You can use the ‘Sign-up tab’ of a connected Siemens application (if activated for this application) or use the ‘Sign-up tab’ in the login window of the ‘User Self Service Portal’ of Siemens ID: Please be aware, that this will not automatically authorize you to use specific Siemens applications and services.


What is the password policy of Siemens ID?

The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 3 three of the following character types: lower case character (a-z), upper case characters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), special characters (e.g.: !#$%^&*).


My account is locked – what happened and how do I fix it?

We lock accounts after the 10th failed login attempts to prevent attackers from guessing the passwords of our users. When an account is locked, an email with a re-activation link is sent to the email address of the user.


I forgot my password. How do I re-set my password?

You can always initiate the password reset process by clicking on ’Don't remember your password?’ either on the login page of a specific Siemens application or alternatively on the login page of the ‘User Self Service Portal’ of Siemens ID: If you do not reset your password within 5 days of the email reception, you should make the request again.


How can I add a second factor authentication to my Siemens ID account?

You can choose between three distinct options as a second factor authentication for Siemens ID. All of these options can be activated via the User Self Service Portal ( You can either use the One Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS, the Siemens ID mobile application or the Google Authenticator mobile application.


Where can I change name or email address of my existing digital identity in Siemens ID?

Changing names and email address can be done in the User Self Service Portal (please be aware, that changing your email may impact your access to applications which use the email as the user identifies):


Can I use an existing digital identity to access Siemens applications/services and how would we initiate an “Identity Federation”?

In principle yes. Siemens ID allows Identity Federation with Customer Identity Providers as well as with Social Identity Providers but activation and use of these login methods depends on the connected Siemens application. We therefore ask you to please initiate this discussion with your contact person for the specific Siemens application to which you would like to login with an existing identity. Siemens ID supports the protocols “OIDC” (preferred) and SAML for Identity Federation. Setting up an Identity Federation is usually not very complicated (depending on protocols) but will require collaboration between the Siemens ID core team and the respective team of the customers IT department.

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